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Please tell me they have internet in jail

what are your thoughts on sampling? 

TV in the 50’s was different.  The host is smoking a cig.  Brando is telling jokes about Chinamen. 

I’m sure Marlon would’ve loved the internet the morning after this interview.

Stick with it he’s kinda killin those bongos.

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"Aurora Northern Quarter" by Lone

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Tell ‘em Joe

thequeendelreyy asked: I'm looking to get into music supervision. Do you ever hire interns or entry-level anythings?

Yes. Email 10 songs you are listening to now.

commodiousurbanity asked: Hey Scott, In 2011 Jason Lipshutz wrote an article on you about your musical taste and decision making for Entourage. You stated that there were certain music blogs that you would go on on a daily basis. I was wondering what those blogs were? if you still go on them, if not.. where do you go now? Thanks. From Australia.

When I retire I’ll post them all

beartongue asked: hey, I'm curious about how one becomes a music supervisor--- do you have to take college courses or is it just about connections?

for me, it was all about connections. my friend happen to create a show. I happen to tell him the music he had in it sucked. some how I got lucky it was Entourage. 

agoode88 asked: Mr. Vener, My name is Aaron. I'm a big fan of your work on HTMIIA, and an aspiring music supervisor. I just thought I'd ask if you have any advice for someone trying to get into the business. From my research so far, I figure I should learn finalcut first. Is that a accurate assumption? Also Berklee online has an $1200 music supervisor course. What are your thoughts on going that route? Thanks for your time and blog! -Aaron Goode

ive never heard of a music supervisor course. i could use one :)

its prob teaching you how to license the music more than the creative part. if u have the money take the course. if u dont, i bet u can learn all u need to learn online.